All You Need To Know About Bottled Water

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Most of the time you prefer bottled water just because you don’t have any other option. If you are in the desert with no possibility of getting water then consuming drinking water is not bad. Touch wood we are not in that kind of scenario, and we do have alternatives.

Plastic bottles are not environment-friendly, and most of them don’t realize that. To manufacture plastic bottles you need vast quantities of non-renewable energy and water. Water in these bottles is filled and sent throughout the world. Bottles are not eco-friendly in any way. You may think what the worst can happen using plastic bottles, but the truth is that the plastic doesn’t decompose and stays in this world for more than thousand years.
Plastic bottles can be recycled, but the process is quite complex. When the plastic is degraded, the toxins present in the bottles affect the water bodies and soil. Is that what we are going to give our future generation?

Bottled water is nothing but tap water
The cover of the bottled water may have nice fancy names and pictures of mountains and waterfalls. This doesn’t mean the water filled inside is also clean and hygienic to consume.
Very few bottled waters are filled with water from springs or underground water. Researches show that more than 25% of water filled in bottles is filled from taps. Some bottled water companies treat the water with the help of UV rays and sell them at the cost, which is equal to the price of your meal. The price can be nowhere compared to that of the municipal tap water.

When you take a sample of bottled water, you can find traces of molds, arsenic, benzene and other chemicals. Due to the rule passed by natural resources defense council, the FDA has started checking for E-Coli in water bottles.

We can’t completely trust the health standards as they are frequently for eye wash and they may even approve tap water. The better option is that you can fix water purifier for filtering the municipal water, which is far better than the bottled water.

Not all water bottles are BPA free. The water bottles contain BPA. Plastic bottles are not only bad for the planet but also for you. Most of the bottled water bottles try to use BPA-free plastic, but when the bottles are left in sunlight or if the water is stored for a longer duration of time than the other chemicals try to reach out. This chemical can be called as external stressors which tend to block the hormone production.

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