Is Exposure To Technology Good For Kids?


Numerous studies are going on whether children should be allowed to use technology or not. But the fact is, they are surrounded by iPads, smartphones, cameras and video games like Raze, but should parents hand these gadgets to them? research reports mixed results from researchers whether young kids should be allowed screen time or not. Some are of the opinion that there has to be a variety of physical and cognitive activities along with a limited period of screen time allotted which can be beneficial to the kids as appropriate usage can enhance your child’s learning. Listed below are a few ways the kids can benefit from the use of modern technology.

Better Language skills: Technology can improve your kid’s language. There are eBooks, online stories, and games which help the kids to learn new words along with correct pronunciation. Technology is being used extensively for language development, and it aids engagement of all the senses. Also, a child’s desire to research increases as they can use the computer to find what they want to know. Voice can also be used to ask queries which is an added advantage for a kid who is unfamiliar with spellings. In due time they will master the art of searching for information they need.

Improved coordination: There are many apps which can improve a child’s hand-eye coordination. The child over time will be able to comprehend what is being said on the screen and will perform the tasks that app puts out on display. Hand-eye coordination is essential for a child to begin school as well as perform well in it.

More focused: Young kids are known to be fidgety and are not able to concentrate on a given task, but with gaming or learning apps they can pay more attention to the game and complete the work. The reason is while playing games, they are more focused and concentrate on the details that appear on the screen. These activities make them pay more attention to the details and hence makes them more focused and alert.

Active engagement: Unlike TV, which is a more passive engagement where the kids are just watching the characters move, modern games and other learning apps make sure the child is actively engaged which makes them alert and interactive. There are also studies which confirm that interactive games and screen time is more beneficial than passive ones. The challenges these activities pose to the kids simulate their brains and enable them to learn.

Improves problem-solving: Every child loves a challenge. Games mostly offer them challenges, and they set goals which are short-term which encourages them to solve problems. While playing a game, if they make a mistake they will know what to do and what not to, so that they can move to the next level. It not only makes them more confident but also improves their problem-solving ability which is much needed when they start learning about reasoning, analysis and logical thinking in school. They grow into more independent adults due to the improvement in problem solving.

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